Guard Your
eCommerce Delivery from


Start applying our Item Serialization Plugin and stop delivery-related claims hurting your business.

Each item in the Purchase Order is Serialized

The special plugin creates a separate QR code for each item in the Purchase order and then creates a QR code to be attached to the actual item when shipped product


Once Shipped, QR Helps Tracks Delivery

Once items are delivered, the attached QR code helps scan and match Purchase order to delivered items. The match serves both customers and seller, to ensure proper transaction


Any claim is verified against the item QR code

In case a claim is submitted, whether it is wrong item, warranty claims and request for refund, these are all verified against the originally supplied unique QR code to avoid and fraudulent claim. 


Key Features

Each Item is Serialized

The supplied plugin and serialization system adds unique serial number to each item in any Purchase Order, making them  electronically identifiable

Seller and Customer Verifiable

Attached QR code can be used to verify delivery content by customer, as well as a means to confirm claims when communicating with seller 

Easy to use Mobile UX

QR code invokes easy to use mobile-optimized web page through which verification and claims can be made

Customer Support Tool

Using the verifiable QR code, customer support can easily and relaibly identify delivery content and associated claims

Verify Destination Errors

Based on the unique QR codes, errors in delivery address are easy to verify as each item not just PO are easy to identify

Safe Warranty and Refunds Claims

Any claim referring to warranty coverage or a refund request can be associated with original items avoiding any fraudulent claims

Applicable to a wide range of products

The unique QR coding system can be applied to a wide range of products, from cosmetics to fashion, electronucs and more

QR codes can be attached to the item itslef or to its attached bag.

In case direct attachment is not possible, QR codes can be added to the PO itself and used to verify items based on associated description

Flexible Pricing Plan


  • 3 Items per P.O.
  • Automated QR Generation
  • Up to 100 items per month
  • Warranty Claims Link
  • Refund Claims Link


$4.95 /Mo
  • 10 Items per P.O.
  • Automated QR Generation
  • Up to 250 items per month
  • Warranty Claims Link
  • Refund Claims Link


$14.95 /Mo
  • Unlimited Items per P.O.
  • Automated QR Generation
  • Unlimited items per month
  • Warranty Claims Link
  • Refund Claims Link

Shop Owners Expereince

Once we added the Item QR Generator t our WooCommerce site, we could easily manage deliveries, find errors and respond as soon as possible

Steve Smith

CEO of Gold House

The new plugin helped us remove all false claimed and gian control over the validity of warranty and refund claims should definitely try his classes.

Steve Smith

CEO of Gold House